Daily Banana Eating Effects

A banana a day may be just as good as an apple a day for your health. When you eat bananas regularly, they help maintain and improve your health.

1. Gut health will improve.

Gut health is more important than ever for overall health. Eating for your microbiome starts with a banana.

Lose weight?

Bananas can help us lose weight, an often-overlooked benefit. Bananas are packed with fibre and protein and have just over 100 calories each.

Skin can improve.

Salmon, avocados, and walnuts improve skin, but bananas can be a game-changer. Manganese in bananas boosts collagen levels.

4. Increased energy.

Bananas can boost energy and prevent fatigue when eaten before or after a workout. A 2012 PLOS One study found that male cyclists who refueled with a sports drink every 15 minutes.

5. You'll get heart-healthy potassium.

Potassium in bananas can strengthen your heart. A banana a day can indeed promote heart health.

You'll see better

Not carrots. Bananas contain Vitamin A, which protects eyes, maintains normal vision, and improves night vision. So don't overeat carrots & risk orange skin.

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