There are nine excellent breeds of athletic cats

Abyssinians always seem to have something to do. This cat doesn't run circles or sit in its owner's lap.cats with thin bodies, short hair, and angular faces are more active.


The Bengal cat keeps its lively and active demeanour from its Asian leopard cat ancestors. It's crucial to give an athletic cat plenty of outlets for their energy.


Because of its sleek look and short, single coat, the Cornish Rex is called the Greyhound of cats. Cornish Rex's silky, curly coat sheds less than other breeds, making it allergy-friendly.

Cornish Rex

The Devon Rex is smart, affectionate, and loves to cuddle. It's a lively breed that behaves when its owners are away. Devon Rexes are loving and playful.

Devon Rex

The Egyptian Mau loves to run, leap, and play,  Egyptian Maus are tall, graceful breeds with unique spots, patterns, and faces.

Egyptian Mau

The Japanese Bobtail is a friendly, intelligent cat with a thin, athletic physique. It gets along well with other cats it's been reared with but may be wary of new pets.

Japanese Bobtail

Unlike the Bengal, the Ocicat has no wild cat ancestry. Ocicats are social and accept new cats quickly. It climbs bookcases and shelves to explore its surroundings.


The Siamese is sociable and will spend the day speaking with its owners. If they get adequate exercise, Siamese love playing with other cats and sitting in their owner's lap.


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