There are 8 kinds of butterflies

The US has about 200 Skipper species. Named for chaotic flight, They have hooked or recurved antennae and different wing venation than other butterflies.


This family has little, colourful butterflies. Springtime brings brown elfins. Coppers are common in marshes and meadows. Hairstreaks have hairy hind wings.


Fritillary Butterflies are nymphalids. Underwings are silver. The Mourning Cloak overwinters as an adult by accumulating antifreeze-like chemicals.


US has 30 species vs. 600 globally. Common are large, colourful species with hindwing tails. This family includes multicoloured Parnassius butterflies.


Red Admirals have a 1.75-2.5-inch wingspan.Dark brown with white dots and a reddish stripe. Back wing bark-like underside.

Red Admiral

Pinkish-orange with brown to black patterns near wingtips and white specks inside black markings.Caterpillars are greenish-yellow to charcoal. Most are spotted.

Painted Lady

Their coloration is orange with black veins. Wings have white dots.Caterpillars have black, white, and yellow bands and tentacles.


Black with a white band on the upper wings.Their mottled brown, cream, and yellow caterpillars have angular bodies and twig-like horns.

White Admiral

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