You'll forgive someone because you don't want them to feel guilty, no matter how guilty they feel.


You will always accept an honest apology and are burned by your tendency to forgive but still you put your hand on the open fire thinking that you won't burn this time.


You'll forgive for a big reason to put together something as good as friendship or romance.


You don't forgive them right away. They need to apologize and maybe even something extra to compensate for the loss.


Your divided personality is divided on how extreme the crime was, you easily forgive small things but not so much big things.


If you love the person who has harmed you you will forgive them and you will become salty with them even if you forgive them.


You will forgive if they apologize not only if they somehow compensate for the damage they have incurred or at least pay compensation.


You forgive people in a very narrow sense that you will still maintain contact with them, it's not really forgiveness, it's just a way to torture the person who has wronged you.


You see forgiving someone as another insult to you, and at this point, the only insult you have enough to cut off someone forever.


You will pretend that you are forgiving on one condition if you can do them some great favor otherwise they are not your forgiveness or noticeable.


You'll hurt them ten times more than they've hurt you than they've ever forgiven you, but your revenge is also personal.


Someone's fate would be better to accidentally set foot on Satan's hooves than to cross you, engeance is yours when you put them in the lake of fire, then they will be praying for Your forgiveness.

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