Germs tremble in terror when you enter the room you can not only eat your floors but you can also have their surgery.


You look at negligence as if it is a mental illness and seeing disorder causes pain in the head.


You'll let yourself get dirty once or twice a year The rest of the year you feel guilty about it.


Dirt sticks to your body like a sin and you clean it up, your personal hygiene is unblemished.


Cleanliness for you is mostly about appearances, your home looks spotless but there is a lot of dirt behind the couch.


You are a huge fan of the system which is why clutter bothers you more than dirt.


You are both sloppy and neat and it just depends on the situation, your personal hygiene is impeccable due to your complacency, your home cleaning skills need to take it up a notch.


You're the funniest and best-looking person in the room but it's been two weeks since you pulled out the trash.


Your mind is clean but the house is dirty, you pay your taxes faster than washing your dishes, please raise your personal hygiene game a notch higher.


Your attitude is that why make your bed first when you're going to sleep tonight? The same thing applies to dirt if it's going to come back anyway then why clean it up.


You're so busy looking at yourself in the mirror that you can't realize how much dust and grease there is on that mirror or a big crack on the mirror.


In your case the scales clearly point to negligence, you actually have headaches when everything is very clean or organized.

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