You are so cute that one goes into a sugar coma in your presence.


You're so cute that all the chocolates in front of you are faded.


You are so sweet that you always have a positive thing to say to everyone which is why people smile when they hear your name.


You are a person of live and let live ideas, you smile and say hi to everyone you meet even if you hate their courage.


It's like a big fat sugar cream pie when you're sweet. It's like hugging a bottle of apple cider vinegar when you're sour.


You give back as much as you find good, you're sweet to those who are good to you but sour to those who give you attitude.


You have your good days and your bad days of which the latter are a little more because you're so ridiculous.


Self pity spreads from you like a foul smell.


You're not as sour as you are, you need to take self pity down a notch and stop being so poignant.


You don't need anyone there to listen to your problems and feel sorry for you and you do a great job for himself.


Everyone knows you only have two, you're a dishonest two faced bitched back stab and is wasting fun for all of you.


When you're in a bad mood you won't rest until everyone else is as unhappy as you.

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