Gemini, the twins' sign, is most indecisive. Variety and mental challenge drive Geminis to attempt new things. Geminis are easily distracted by new romantic interests and may leave their partners.


Avoiding relationships with this sign may seem easy, but they have a way of making you feel special. Geminis will quickly reveal their new partner after breaking up, without regard for your sentiments.

Fear causes their passive-aggressiveness. When the Pisces fish takes a break from seeming to seek a commitment, their partner can feel completely abandoned.


Pluto and Mars make Scorpios fierce. If you're serious, this is excellent, but if you're not, it can mislead. Scorpios love you without knowing your middle names.


You're heartbroken when they depart because you thought they only treated true love this way. Scorpios' secrecy makes matters worse. Scorpios need intimacy yet struggle to trust.

Aries belongs to Mars. Thus, they seek excitement, hurdles, and big-time drama.Aries enjoy the chase. In a regular relationship, Aries becomes bored and breaks someone's heart.


Fire signs are always up for new challenges. Freedom naturally excludes long-term attachments. Sagittarians honeymoon, which confuses. When serious, they desire freedom again.


Sagittarius is also not the most empathic sign, preferring their own needs over those of their spouse. While you planned that dream couple's trip, they went solo and accomplished more bucket list items.

Aquarians, the least romantic sign, value independence over romance. They terminate things quickly or keep things casual since committing to one person terrifies them.


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