Cancerians depend on comfort and stability to feel secure, their dependence is seen when they seek to satisfy their emotional needs -


through personal relationships, and their never-ending needs in front of your loved ones.

Librans are not comfortable being alone, even the idea of being alone is terrifying to them, Librans are always in search of balance and harmony.


The people of Pisces are very romantic, but the extreme need of these people keeps them away from their close ones.


Leo has a constant need to be loved and admired by others; they enjoy being in the spotlight and become irritated when others try to pull the-


spotlight away from them or provide less praise than they are used to receiving. They'll wind up being extremely reliant on you.

The Taureans are so averse to change that they will grow increasingly dependent if they aren't provided with the stability, safety, and security they crave.


When a Scorpio is unsure of someone's dedication or loyalty, that person's wants can seem overwhelming.


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