The World's Most Lightning-Fast Birds


Canvasbacks inhabit North American Marshes and Swamps. 34-inch wingspan They could fly 73 mph. Migrating bird. They migrate to the Great Lakes at the onset of winter. Migrating in a 'V' formation.

 Red Breasted Merganser

Red-breasted merganser dives. They populate North American and European lakes and rivers. Before winter, they travel from North America's interior to Canada and Alaska. Red-breasted mergansers travel at 81 mph.

 Spur Winged Goose 

Spur-winged goose inhabits Africa's marshes. 30-45 inches long, 7 kilogramme. The spur-winged goose can reach 88 mph. Largest perching duck is the spur-winged goose. Still, it flies faster than other perching ducks.


Frigate bird is a huge tropical seabird. Comparatively, the frigate bird possesses the world's largest wingspan. Frigate bird flies 95 mph. They can last a week. Frigate birds only land to rest and procreate


Gyrfalcons descend quickly and have pointed wings. Gyrfalcons are the biggest falcon. They plunge from heights to grab prey. Gyrfalcons can dive 130 mph. Gyrfalcons have great dive control.

Golden Eagle

It's North America's largest raptor. This 26-40-inch, 7-kg eagle is powerful. 2.3-meter wingspan golden eagles. They attack from above. Golden eagles can dive 200 mph.

Peregrine Falcon

The peregrine falcon can reach 242 mph. It's found on every continent except Antarctica. Peregrine falcons have long, muscular wings. It increases their flight speed. Stiff feathers prevent wind drag.

 Eurasian Hobby

Falcon-sized Asian interest. They inhabit woodlands, riverbanks, and forests in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Eurasian long-distance hobby. Central Africa and Southern Asia. 100 mph. Fast and acrobatic.

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