The World's Most Beautiful Flower


Americans love them. Spring and autumn flowers brighten the garden. Summer's best flower is poppy anemone. Poppy-like blooming tuberous-rooted shrub.


The Iris flower's stem can be simple or branched. Some varieties of Iris have solid or hollow stems. 3-10 sword-like basal leaves are also present.


The US loves chrysanthemums. Their presence is eye-pleasing. They brighten our hearts and days with their colour and beauty.


First-anniversary carnations are also popular. Carnations are often seen in U.S. gardens, thus they're among the top 10 most attractive flowers.


Dahlias are dicotyledonous, like sunflowers. Perennial bushy tuberous plant. Around 42 Dahlia varieties are garden plants.


50 species and hybrids of daffodils exist. Moderate conditions support clusters or singles. Mediterranean, North American, and Middle Eastern.


These flowers are global icons. They bloom in spring or summer. At the stem's terminal, blooms form umbels. Six petals, spreader.


Orchids grow everywhere except deserts and open water. Epiphytes thrive on plants and rocks. Grassland-adapted species exist.


Tulips are attractive spring flowers worldwide. Next to Rose, they're special. Colors, heights, and shapes varied. Some are scented.

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