The weasel is a slender, long-bodied mammal. Because of their similarity in appearance, ferrets and minks are frequently misidentified.


Similar to ferrets, they're popular pets. Weasels aren't related to ferrets. Ferrets and weasels have similar behaviour, digestion, and metabolisms. Weasels hate groups.


Sea otters are the largest weasels. Long, stocky otters and weasels are similar. Both sea otters and river otters live near water. Otters are social, unlike weasels.


Badgers and weasels are both Mustelidae carnivores. Badgers are bigger and more aggressive than weasels. Badgers aren't as common as weasels.


Wolverines are related to weasels and have a similar body shape. Wolverines are bigger and fierce than weasels. Some compare a wolverine to a bear-weasel hybrid.


Like weasels, skunks have robust, short, lengthy bodies. As with weasels, they're most active around night and dawn.


Minks are related to weasels but live near streams, ponds, and lakes. Minks have long, slender bodies, small legs, and long tails and hunt at dawn and dusk.

Animals With a Low Body Temperature

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