The Ultimate Guide to Dating a Cancer Man

Cancer is sensitive and desires emotional bonds. He may flush and turn when he sees you. If you begin, he'll help. Cancer loves and protects his family.

The Top Companions for a Cancer Man

Cancer is ideally paired with Scorpio. Safety, trust, and dedication are highly valued by both water signs. Cancer and Pisces have vast emotional oceans in common.

Cancer & Taurus are slow, loyal, and cuddlers. Taurus is the Moon's second-favorite sign. Unlike other fire signs, hardworking Virgos prioritise their partnership.

Cancer's worst matches

Gemini and Aquarius need Cancer's help. Gemmys are social and unpredictable, whereas Cancers desire security. Contradictions may bother Gemini & Cancer.

Best Time To Date A Cancer Guy

Cancer men are sensitive and want to get to know you on a date. Expect to sip fine cocktails at a bar with ideal mood lighting or to gaze into each other's eyes while going through viral videos.

Cancer's worst matches

As the sign of the crab, Cancers are drawn to the sea. Dates at the beach or in the hot tub are big hits for them. Since Cancers prefer to stay in, they are typically laid back.

 Friend Circle

Cancer males have few lifelong pals and a tiny social circle. Cancer loves buddies. Don't be surprised if he still has kindergarten pals. 

Cancer thrives one-on-one or in small groups. Instead of a pub crawl, plan a dinner party or game night to watch how he performs with pals.

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