The Top Pets as Senior Companions

Many seniors want a dog but can't handle a large, lively one. Small dogs like a cavalier King Charles spaniel, Shih Tzu, or Maltese are terrific elderly companions.


Seniors who can't take their dog for walks would benefit greatly from having a cat. Independent, self-cleaning, and quieter than dogs, short-haired 


cats are the ideal pet. Any cat is ideal for an elderly person, but those with long hair will need more attention.

Seniors can handle a small dish or tank. Small, solitary, colourful Bettas. Small freshwater fish make great pets for elders, but the tank size shouldn't exceed 10 gallons for easy care.


Fish require some specialised lighting, filtration, and frequent feeding, but once these are in place, fish care can be kept to a minimum, especially with the help of automatic feeders.

Leopard geckos require little care. Leopard geckos are small, silent, and easy to care for. Leopard geckos aren't fed everyday and live longer than fish, thus they're replaced less often.


These invertebrates make interesting pets, and the elderly may enjoy owning one. Pest control is low-key and uncomplicated. 

Insects and Spiders

To care for an invertebrate as a pet, you need not worry about constantly replacing the water because they eat all the other insects in the tank.

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