The Top Pet-Friendly Bird Species

Doves are known as symbols of peace and love all throughout the world, so it's not surprising that they are docile. These gentle birds make excellent companions for city dwellers.


Mild-mannered budgerigars are yet another possibility. When they bite, their small beaks don't cause much damage. Reduced risk of budgie bites with proper training and handling.


These intelligent and communicative parrots love to interact with their human caregivers through playtime and toy exploration.

Pions are gentle companion birds. Although clever and gregarious, they're more independent. They're less grumpy than parrots. Active Pionus parrots appreciate bird-safe toys.

Pionus Parrot

A gentle giant, the hyacinth macaw is known for its pleasant and calm demeanour. Because of their enormous beaks, they can open coconuts. Hyacinth macaws, when properly raised, rarely bite.

Hyacinth Macaw

Frail finches need tender attention. Hands-off finches make good pets. If handling a bird isn't important, acquire finches. Give finches a spacious enclosure to exercise and make noise.


Cockatiels are cherished for their amiability and kind nature. Whistling and imitating noises are two of these birds' many entertaining traits. Wild cockatiels, in particular, are friendly and willing to be held.


Eclectus parrots are huge, friendly birds. These birds need human interaction and may become jealous if ignored. Female birds handle stress better, making them less inclined to attack.


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