Brown bear

European, Middle Eastern, North American, Asian, and U.S. hills are home to brown bears. These changes allow brown bears to live to 5,000 m.

Tibetan fox

Tibetan sand foxes live in the plateau's alpine and subalpine zones. Their thick fur coat keeps them warm at heights up to 17,100 ft.


The kiang is Tibet's largest antelope. It's a Tibetan Plateau wild yak. The kiang is a powerful emblem in Tibetan culture.


Heavy wild cattle are yaks. High-altitude thick fur protects them from cold. Extreme conditions don't worry them. At 6000 m, yaks live.

Alpine Chough

Alpine Choughs are one of the few creatures that live at high altitudes. They have thick feathers that assist insulate them and a unique respiratory mechanism.

 Tibetan gazelle 

Tibetan gazelle has a light brown coat and white underparts. Face, legs, and tail are black. Males have slightly larger horns than females.


Large squirrel-like Himalayan marmots. These marmots have thick fur and subcutaneous fat for their cold, harsh environment.

Himalayan Tahr

Himalayan Tahr inhabit China, India, and Nepal. They're 16,400 feet high. Himalayan Tahrs can withstand -40 F.

Mountain goat

North American, European, and Asian mountains have mountain goats. They can live at heights of 16,000 feet. Mountain goats eat grasses and sedges.

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