The Top 9 Dogs for Self-Defense

The Akita is a faithful dog breed. Bred to defend monarchy and nobility, this bold and alert breed is wary of strangers. Akitas will keep your family safe.


This breed's strong appearance deters attackers. This dog's kindness makes it a good friend. Bullmastiffs need training to sharpen their senses.


This dog is high-energy and thrives when working. To be comfortable in new surroundings, it needs particular training and socialising. This dog needs daily exercise.

Belgian Malinois

Guard, war, and hunter dog breed. Its bulk, weight, and dark bark deter intruders. The breed guards. Training should emphasise obedience and inherent abilities.

Cane Corso

Police and military canines also include German shepherds. Family-oriented. Training keeps security dogs on task. Socialize your German shepherd to reduce anxiety.

German Shepherd

Aggressive Dobermans. It's docile and playful with people. Few dread strangers until in peril. Dobermans can guard without instruction.

Doberman Pinscher

The Rhodesian ridgeback's family loyalty makes it protective. This friendly, aristocratic dog makes a lovely companion. This breed is too protective to need guard dog training.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rottweilers are another aggressive breed. This breed may be playful one minute and fierce the next. Rottweilers are loyal and affectionate if they trust you.


Tibetan mastiffs are excellent protection dogs. Not the most cuddly breed, but a dedicated family protector. This dog needs socialisation and training.

Tibetan Mastiff