Dogs to Watch for Epilepsy

Irish Setter

Irish setters are amiable, even-tempered sporting dogs. They're outgoing and friendly. These eager-to-please canines react well to patient, positive training. They can become seizure-alert dogs.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are typically seizure-alert dogs. These canines are smart, trainable, and well-mannered. They're good with strangers and in tune with their owners. They're strong enough to help during a medical emergency.

English Setter

English setters are calm, friendly, and even-tempered. They're adaptive and good with strangers. Positive instruction makes them motivated to please. They like to be close to their owners, making them perfect service animals.


A goldendoodle is a guiding dog hybrid. They're smart, athletic, friendly, and loyal like poodles and goldens. They're kind to kids, dogs, and even strangers. And teachable.

Gordon Setter

Gordon setters are larger than Irish or English setters yet similar. True friends. Kind, family-oriented. Activists. Reward-based training makes them good support dogs.

German Shepherd

German shepherds make good service dogs. These smart, confident dogs are one of the best all-purpose working animals. German shepherds follow many commands. They're faithful and in tune with their owners.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are reliable, loyal, and easy to teach. Affectionate dogs only want to please their owner. Because of their adaptability and gentleness, they are popular service animals.


Samoyeds are smart, social, and hardworking. Samoyeds were bred to work in the world's coldest places. These athletic dogs also have an instinctive need to serve as a loyal companion, even as a seizure-alert dog.

Border Collie

Intelligent and energetic, the border collie is one of the most agile and strong dog breeds. These canines are very motivated and trainable; they need a task. These traits make them seizure-alert.

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