A girl always wishes that when she is smiling, her partner should also smile with her and support her.


A girl wishes that her partner should not hide anything from her, whatever he has, he should keep sharing those things openly.

Share Openly

A girl wants her partner to compliment her, show her how he feels about her.


A girl would never ask for this thing but she wants her partner to give her an unexpected hug.

Unexpected Hug

A girl wants her partner to always be loyal to her and never cheat her.

Be loyal

She wants her partner to stand by her when she is facing difficult situations or going through bad times .

Take a stand for her

A girl always wants her partner to respect her privacy and make her feel comfortable.

Respect for privacy

A girl always wants her partner to love her and keep showing her love.

Show Love

She wishes that whenever she feels lonely or needs her partner, the partner should be present with her all the time.

Meet every need

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