The Star Signs with the Greatest Appetite for Authority

Scorpios adore being powerful, therefore they may hide facts to appear in charge. Scorpio's intimidation and aggressiveness make them good at finance and business.


Focused Capricorns have a higher purpose. They're motivated by a desire for professional growth. This earth sign aspires to high office, whether in business or politics.


 These con artists never give up. Capricorns have a knack for politics and setting ambitious long-term goals. It's only a matter of time before they achieve their goal of dominance.

Leos want everyone to love and honor them. Leos like high-profile settings to develop social capital. Leos crave dominance, especially since they can easily grab everyone's attention.


In both their personal and professional lives, Aries craves authority. Aries is ambitious because he or she always wants more. You'll have to wait up for an Aries who stays late at the office.


These punctual planners want respect and success. Aries are born leaders that get involved immediately and have others follow. They're experts at acquiring and keeping power.

Taurus wants to be invincible at work so he can have a successful career. Want materialism. Taurus-born revolutionaries and tyrants may have a warped perception of authority.


When it comes to friends and family, Sagittarius expects everyone to take a low bow. This sign may appear to be humorous, but its true purpose is to attract people's eyes.


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