While living in a relationship, many challenges have to be faced, and the difficulties in the relationship also have to be sidelined.

It is very important to have some qualities in a relationship, if these things are not there in your relationship then there is no future for your relationship.


It is very important to have trust between both the partners in a relationship, if there is a lack of trust in either of the two, then there is no future for the relationship.


In a relationship, it is necessary for both the partners to have respect for each other, the respect between the two should be mutual.

If any of the two partners in the relationship humiliates each other in front of other people, then the relationship is of no importance to him.

Unconditional Love

It is necessary to have unconditional love for each other in a relationship and when one of the two partners puts their selfishness above,

and it does not matter if the other is in trouble, there is no future for that relationship. 


In a relationship, the choice of both the partners matters, when one partner does not appreciate the right actions of the other or remains angry, then there is no future for that relationship.

Unconditional Acceptance

In a relationship, if your partner does not accept you unconditionally, then there is no future for the relationship.


In a relationship, when one of the partners does not care about the comfort and well-being of the other, then there can be no future in that relationship.

Similar Goals

In a relationship, when the partners do not have the same desire in life and do not imagine their golden future.

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