The Shih Tzu: Their Origins, Traits, and Upkeep

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus make great pets when trained and cared after. This breed's modest stature makes it excellent for apartments. 10-to-16-year lifespan

Shih Tzus are petite, strong dogs with long, double-hair coats. This breed's alert, confident, lively, and adventurous temperament makes it popular. Ancient Shih Tzus were lap dogs for nobles.

Shih Tzu traits

Shih Tzus are cute and need a lot of care. Dogs love hanging around with their owners. Kind and excellent in big and small households.

Shih Tzu Care

The Shih Tzu is a little, clever dog that requires little in the way of attention or training. A healthy and happy dog is the result of meeting a few simple care needs.


Shih Tzus require moderate exercise. Walking and playing stimulate your Shih Tzu cognitively and physically. Dogs do well in flats if given enough active playtime.


The Shih Tzu's constant coat growth and low shedding make them hypoallergenic. Shih Tzus need weekly grooming to remove loose hairs from their coats.


Training and socialising are crucial for a happy, well-adjusted Shih Tzu. Small Shih Tzus shouldn't skip these practises. Smart, yet stubborn.

Diet and Nutrition

Shih Tzus need 1 cup of dry food daily. Age, exercise, size, and health affect the quantity. If your dog grows overweight, act. Diet advice from your vet.

Common Health Issues

Responsible breeders follow AKC breed guidelines. Breeding to these norms reduces dog health problems. Shih Tzus might develop hereditary health issues.

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