People born under the sign of Aries are driven to achieve their goals and are adept at finding the means to do so. These individuals seek a companion who can stand 


the heat of their passion and appreciate the tenacity with which they pursue their goals. These individuals' initial reaction is indicative of their egocentric nature.

Gemini people choose to use their partner emotionally, Gemini people do not stay in one place or in a relationship. 


They like to take the credit for the work done by their partner because they are committed to the work which they never do and this person is also not of a reliable nature

Leos' fearlessness keeps them in the spotlight, and because they are so drawn to being the centre of attention, they won't even let their partner step into the spotlight.


They are constantly on the lookout for those who have an inferiority complex and who are easily upset emotionally.


People born under the Scorpio zodiac desire to associate with those who enjoy being governed and are dependant on others.

Aquarians do not like to associate with people who reject their views, they look for a partner who is polite and can trust them easily, and a partner who is close to Aquarius.


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