Hathi and Hathi Ram always think about death it's scary but if you belong to Aries then you will definitely know how obsessed you are towards death.


Taurus people will always keep an eye on you don't get disheartened by it because it's their natural quality there's nothing you can do about if it was your ex so you've experienced the scary side of Taurus.


You always want things to work for your benefit you can easily make things and you have no problem decorating your stories you are so proficient in this art that it is hard for people not to believe you.


You cross the limits of love and passion you are obsessed with someone or something you do not give space to your lover and choke him this is how you damage the relationship.


The things you do to establish yourself as the best are very scary and extremely disturbing as a lion you always want to show everyone that there is no one better than you you want to get love and appreciation from someone.


Behind your calm nature are some of your secret aphrodisiacs you are always reserved and deep you avoid expressing your sexuality you do not reveal it because you are too shy to discuss these things.


You have the skill to know the scary things around you, you are a curious cat and you know that it is the scariest thing in this world so you do not shy away from doing it.


You think too much and your thoughts are extremely dark Scorpio likes to dream of brutal murders A Scorpio continues to imagine blood and bullets and find ways to kill someone.


You no longer feel joy or sorrow because you have separated yourself from emotions anything you are extremely cold you barely react you do not express joy or sorrow even when you are about yourself.


You like to fantasize about killing your loved ones working late at night you dream about ways to kill him thinking about these things is an excitement for you and it gives you a lot of happiness.


You think of the dead as what you would say at the funeral of your loved ones you indulge in fantasizing about these events.


You imagine being a hero yourself and realize that in a crisis situation you will know that you have superpowers and you will save the whole world.

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