People of Pisces like to pursue system and tradition and when they feel that their life is not going according to them, then these people go into depression.


Cancerians are highly sensitive, placing a great deal of importance on their appearance and can easily fall into deep depression if they feel they don't live up to some ideal.


People of Libra zodiac want to maintain their control in everything and when they are not able to control everything, then they are surrounded by sadness, 

the indecisive nature of the people of Libra zodiac also affects their emotions, due to which they find themselves in confusing situations


Taurus prepares himself to push himself and prefers to move towards a comfortable situation.

But when Taurus people have to face stagnation, then these people are surrounded by despair and feel stuck at the same place.


Scorpios enjoy living fearlessly, they do whatever they want, but whenever they start feeling fear and worry about something, they surround themselves with depression.


The people of Virgo think more about the ups and downs in their life, and by thinking in this way, 

they start imagining wrong things in their mind, due to which these people become very sad and they worry about the future. 

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