Failure to communicate effectively between couples is one of the factors that drive couples apart, 

Difficulties in conveying ideas

 when couples fail to communicate openly and honestly, it results in conflict and a lack of trust. As soon as it happens, indifference starts increasing in the relationship.

Addiction or drug addiction is one of the problems that puts a huge strain on marriage and spoils the relationship, 

Abuse of drugs or alcohol

 drug addiction often makes the partner feel that he is being taken advantage of or neglected. The result ends in divorce.

There should be transparency and trust between the couples in a relationship and there is no place for cheating, infidelity and betrayal in the relationship, 

Infidelity and betrayal

so when one partner comes to know about the other partner's infidelity then there is nothing to believe. Avoids and a relationship without trust cannot last long.

Lack of money or money issues in a relationship can play a role in marital problems and lead to divorce.

Challenges with finances

Different spending habits, unequal income levels, or lack of financial planning between couples create money problems and become a major source of relationship tension.

Before getting married, most of the couples do not discuss the necessary aspects and get married without discussing the expectation of their relationship,

A lack of premarital preparation

after that, as time goes on, there are disputes between these couples, which goes straight to divorce.

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