The nine animals with the slowest top speeds


The manatee and elephant share ancestors. Their flipper toenails mimic elephants', and they eat seagrass and leaves.

Galapagos tortoise

Each Galapagos tortoise population is a subspecies. Size and shell form fluctuate amongst populations, but they always move slowly.


These animals recycle dead leaves, excrement, moss, and dead plants, like worms. The banana slug, named for its vivid yellow hue, moves 3.25 inches each hour.

Slow Loris

Usually, the slow loris moves slowly and deliberately. When they spot prey, they move rapidly and accurately to catch and eat it.Slow Loris eat insects, reptiles, eggs, birds, small mammals, fruit, sap, and vegetation.


Land snails reduce friction by leaving a slime trail. Their huge, muscular foot helps them move. They eat plants and fruit and may reproduce asexually, so if you notice them in your garden you'll have lots more soon.


Three-toed sloths symbolise slowness. They reside in Central and South America's treetops and eat leaves and sticks. These animals' sluggish metabolisms allow them to eat relatively little.


These bear-like marsupials are actually koalas. This makes koalas slow. They travel slowly and sleep 18-22 hours a day unless disturbed.

Gila Monsters

Gila Monsters live in southern U.S. and Mexico. The only venomous lizard in the US, the Hopi and Navajo consider it sacred. They think the Gila monster can sense injuries and defend tribes.

Star Fish

Starfish has thousands of tiny feet on its bottom that it uses to walk. Some starfish only move 1 yard per minute, while being thousands of feet long.

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