Sagittarius people do not think about the consequences of their actions before doing any work, even if the result of their actions is dangerous. 


When trapped, Sagittarians may see a violent action as self-defense, or as the only thing they can do to save themselves.

Capricorns remain stable and reliable, but when someone criticizes them, they do not hold back from behaving badly for them. 


When they are in anger, Capricorns become very sensitive and take a violent form instead of talking in a calm manner.

Aries Are Known To Be Hot-Tempered, Hot-Tempered And Easily Provoked As A Competitor. When It Comes To Competition, They Do Not Like To Lose And Will Resort To Violence To Win.


Leos maintain their self-respect and have a strong sense of entitlement and turn violent when someone comes between them.


On the other hand, when they feel that it is beneficial for them, then they do not shy away from resorting to violence and at the same time, these people also become bad with those who disobey or insult them.

Scorpio people consider their feelings more and do not express them with everyone, keep them suppressed inside and when someone tries to scratch their feelings, they become violent.


Cancerians Have A Lot Of Emotions, They Are Very Protective Of The People They Love, Because Of This They Become Violent When They See Them Insecure.


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