Aries do not like to be alone and want their partner to give them their full attention, but when things do not go their way, it becomes a problem in the relationship.


Tauruses crave constancy and dependency in their relationships and want their partners to focus on them, but when their expectations rise, their relationships sour.


Gemini people like to be surrounded by colleagues, friends and family members and while in a relationship, they get themselves in trouble for not giving time to the relationship.


Cancerians like to spend weekends with their partner and they want to maintain a lot of control in the relationship which makes it difficult for them.


The people of Leo zodiac easily attract the partner and feel suppressed as soon as they come into a relationship, due to which it is a bit difficult for them to maintain the relationship.


The people of Virgo zodiac are the first to remove any problem in their relationship, which makes them devoted partners, but their partner does not feel it.


Sagittarians live spontaneously and independently. Their fun-loving approach to relationships doesn't always allow for deeper ties, which can be problematic for their partners.


Capricorns go deep into a relationship, but there is a fear of loss in their mind, which can make them very indifferent to a relationship.


 Pisces are emotional creatures, daydreaming about their ideal romantic partner often distracts them from their responsibilities.

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