The Most Recognizable Creatures in North America


Elk are deer. Six-foot shoulders. Elk graze, unlike deer. They're ruminants with many stomach chambers for digesting grass and vegetation.

Black Bear

Most North American bears are black bears. The name stems from the bears' dark brown appearance. Season and geography affect the black bear's omnivorous diet.

Grey Wolf

North American grey wolves are huge canines. Wolves are apex predators, meaning they're essential for healthy ecosystems. Packs hunt and control prey numbers.


The largest deer in North America 7-foot-tall shoulders. Six-foot-wide antlers are possible. Moose prefer milder northern U.S. and Canadian conditions.


Robins are thrushes. Early birds get the worm applies to them. American robins sing outside window. Robins like feeds and parks.


Bison are popular in North America. In the United States, the bison stands in for all other mammals. Native Americans hold the bison in high regard.


Large North American porcupines have sharp quills. A porcupine retreats and raises its quills when attacked.

White-tailed Deer

Most North American deer are white-tailed. They're widespread. Because of their versatility and resilience, they've been introduced worldwide.


The western diamondback rattlesnake is venomous. Pit viper nostrils are warm. This helps rattlesnakes hunt rodents and bunnies.

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