The Most Rapidly Reproducing Animals

Breeding takes 9 months. 30-day pregnancy. A rabbit can have 4-12 babies. Rabbits can conceive rapidly after birth. Larger wild rabbits have bigger litters.


Among wild mammals, Arctic foxes have the biggest litter sizes. There have been documented cases of arctic foxes having litters of 15 pups. The average litter size for this species is 7–8 puppies.

 Arctic Fox

Famous Canada geese. North American brown/gray geese. A gosling clutch contains numerous eggs. Grow quickly. Baby identification is difficult.

Canada geese

Dog litter sizes vary. Female dogs often have 10-12 puppies. 12-18 months is a dog's heat cycle. Some dog breeds have different heat cycles and five puppies.

Domestic Dogs

A female cat can get pregnant at 5 months. One female can have up to 100 kittens, and each litter can have a different sire. This includes domestic and stray cats.

Domestic Cat 

Guppies breed fast. In three to four months and for two to three years, they can breed. 7-20 eggs at once. Baby guppies are born self-sufficient.


Seahorses breed quickly. The female seahorse places the eggs into the male's pouch. The clutch of eggs can be 150 or 2,000. At once.


Compared to other animals, this is rare. Women have four identical babies at once. Every year, armadillos breed. One woman can have 40-50 kids.

Nine banded Armadillos

Virginia Opossums are North America's only marsupials. This species has 118 offspring. One female can have 13 baby bees. All 13 can be breastfed simultaneously.

Virginia Opossums

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