Every relationship starts with love, there is only one love that unites you and brings you very close to each other, in the beginning new plans are made. 

 But as time passes, your enthusiasm starts decreasing and Sometimes you start getting a little bored while meeting your partner, that's why it is necessary to maintain enthusiasm in the relationship.

When you are having a conversation with your partner and you are the one who initiates everything, on the contrary when you remain silent -

You start every conversation

 do not initiate anything then you will see that your partner is not talking to you.And it indicates that your partner is not interested in talking to you.

When you are bored with your partner, you start looking at your phone again and again even when you are with him, 

Constantly glued on their mobile devices

even if there is nothing important, you open the phone again and again without any reason.

By the way, there is a tendency to get angry in relationships, but when the matter goes ahead,

They are easily irritated

then your companions get angry quickly in your words, and your companions start showing displeasure on you again and again regarding unimportant issues.

If there is no enthusiasm in the relationship as before, and your partner tries to create a pleasant environment with you and starts doing everything that makes you happy

You feel bored yourself

but still you are not happy with him, then you are very bored now.

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