The Most Neediest Zodiac Signs


Taurus doesn't like change. Any sign change can cause dependence. Taureans bury past emotions to avoid sadness. Take small steps to help Taurus adjust.


Scorpios may be loners because they're intense and mysterious. If channeled, their tough exterior dissolves. They fall hard and invest in people.

Once a spouse breaks down Scorpio's emotional boundaries, they'll find a sensitive, insecure individual. When Scorpio doubts your loyalty, they can be needy.


Confident Leo. Focus causes neediness. Unnoticed Leos feel anxious. Their confidence wanes when someone steals their thunder. Low-esteem Leos cling until you boost them.


Sensitive Pisces daydreams and becomes immersed in art. This sign has no limits, so they can be rescued if they go in over their heads with debts and obligations.

Pisces loves fairy stories. Pisces date. Loyal individuals dislike neediness. If they can stand back from their emotions and remove rose-colored glasses, they'll be more independent.


Venus rules Libra, therefore they fall deeply in love. When their emotions spin out of control, they declare love like water and become needy. Libras also dislike being single.

 Libras fear alone moment. They prefer a mediocre relationship over being alone. Libra is the sign of the scales, thus they seek balance and peace and try to make everyone happy.

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