Non-monogamy is inconceivable to this traditional, serious, and habitual sign. Earthy people like knowing where their next kiss or hot meal is coming from.

 Virgos choose safety and a lasting partnership to the chase. Virgos may be serial monogamists, switching long-term partners. After finding their match, they'll be together forever.


Because they dislike instability, this easygoing earth sign is faithful. Monogamy is ideal for eating takeout in your velour pants while watching the news.


Cancers flourish in long-term partnerships because they need time to bond emotionally. You're permanent in a Cancer's life. Their high emotional intelligence will keep your relationship strong.

This sign enjoys making a cosy home with a loving companion. Cancers can read and meet their partner's requirements because the Moon rules emotions, intuition, or stability. 


This sign's relationship style is passionate and possessive. Scorpios are too preoccupied with their partners to cheat. Scorpios can become obsessed with their lovers.


Aquarius pals are pioneers. These traits affect many aspects of their lives, including their bedroom behaviour, but not monogamy. Integrity Monogamous Aquarians.

There are still problems in the relationships. Their strict dichotomous thinking turns off potential romantic partners. Never. In a committed partnership, this sign can be brutally candid.


Monogamy impacts this sign differently. Leos love, work, and play loyally. This sign's relentless pursuit of excellence irritates their companions. They split before the next.

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