Mercury, the chatterbox, can make Gemini, the sharpest sign, sharp-tongued. Twins' shadow expressions may only benefit them or utter unpleasant things. Geminis rumour!


Scorpios' passionate personalities and tendency to exaggerate things often lead to misinterpretation. This intriguing sign remembers every insult and plots revenge. Luckily, they won't be vengeful often.


Aries might get challenging if they believe they are being ignored. Aries, whose ruling planet is Mars, is ambitious and always looks out for number one. Offending them further is by shaking their crown.


Negative comments from an Aries can destroy your confidence and inflict long-lasting emotional damage. They are rough around the edges, but they want for humanity and respect.

Tauruses are loyal and usually appear calm and collected to others. However, few realise how quickly things can alter. The laid-back Taurus is harmless until you hurt their heart. 


This earth sign attacks you using your weaknesses. Taurus can be harsh if they feel neglected or betrayed, but they usually lash out because to a broken heart.

They can also be haughty. Their cerebral restlessness might make them feel omnipotent, that they know everything and everyone else is inferior. A power-crazed Aquarius is terrifying.


Although this air sign is emotionally aware about relationships and friendships, they typically isolate themselves from their closest friends because they lack empathy.

Beware the crab's gloominess. The crab's sideways movements and strong pinch force make it unsettling. Cancerians immediately defend against everything, including beauty.


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