This nimble cat is loving. Smart Abyssinians value family. This breed enjoys perching and watching. This cat is smart and agile. They're not lap cats, but they adore pets. They're friendly and adaptable.


Burmese are gregarious and active. Smart, versatile, active, trainable. This breed can retrieve and walk on a leash. Early conditioning simplifies car rides and vet visits. They like animal company.

Cornish Rex

Long toes let this cat open doors and cabinets, so consider child safety locks. This nimble beast can vault to the ceiling. The Cornish rex's wavy coat is distinctive.

Havana Brown

Havanas have chocolate-colored coats. This breed was formed by crossing Siamese with others. Intelligent, social cats. Moderately energetic, they love puzzles and teasers.


They're smart and aware. Korats enjoy participatory games and naps. This breed can learn fetch and leash walking. Praise and rewards can educate this cat the home rules. This cat is stubborn about sharing its toys.


Intelligent Savannahs. Crossing domestic cats with African servals produced this big hybrid. Need run-and-jump room. Boredom needs entertainment. This breed enjoys leash walks, water play, and opening cabinets and drawers.


Affectionate and active. They need playtime. Puzzle and teaser toys stimulate this cat's mind. Obtain a cat tree if feasible. Siamese open taps and drawers when bored.

Balinese Cat

Active cats watch their owners. Opinionated, talkative. Puzzles, teaser toys, and a cat tree entertain this cat. This breed quickly learns tricks, retrieve, and leash walking. When bored, they become naughty.

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