Leos are extremely self-aware and look to develop themselves while being well aware of their weaknesses and strengths,


Leos tend to be kind and helpful while remaining in control of their own emotions and giving importance to the feelings of others. 

Pisces are so emotionally intelligent that they have empathy for everyone, 


despite their stubborn nature, they always try to see things from other people's point of view.

Cancerians always want to make an emotional connection with other people. Secondly, they know how to be in tune with their feelings and empathize with others.


Cancerians have the talent to make them feel that they are their own. Be completely open and honest about feelings.

Geminis are more emotionally intelligent because they do not tend to hide their emotions, especially negative ones, 


although whenever negative feelings start coming in these people, they try to get out of them as soon as possible.

Librans understand their own as well as others' feelings very well. These people give importance to their own feelings while dealing with stressful situations or difficult decisions.


Virgos keep their emotions so under control, they easily over analyze everything and avoid hurting others.


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