You will do everything to woo your boo you have a soft romantic side that's rarely seen but haters may call you aggressive.


In fact you may even be carefree and spontaneous but you have a reputation for being stubborn and rude you are focused and know how to live the moment.


The word ride or die is for all of you Gemini in fact you always put your friends before your needs you are a true best friend.


You are always ready to share your networking skills you love working and playing hard and you have information about people and places.


Your personality is great but your heart is bigger than that you give everything like resources, contacts, compliments that serve to promote anyone further.


Despite your calm environment you have a slow burning anger that comes out when you're really pushed patience is a virtue well that could be your motto.


Sure you can be a little aggressive when you get in the way but you have the intensity to make sure you're always heard no matter what.


The intensity of your thinking stops people who don't really agree but you're really adorable when people get to know you realistically they'll find calm and kindness that can surprise them.


Sometimes you get into trouble for your cruel nature you are always willing to exchange stories and tell others about your feelings even if some of your stories are not 100% true.


You know how to make your teammates laugh with your sarcasm you are a workaholic but your dry mind makes you a favorite in your friends and office as well this is one of the funniest signs ever.


You may also be a little competitive with the people around you but being furious is not a bad thing so don't worry avoid furious tactics as they may backfire.


You are known for your intuitive and dreamy nature you observe things carefully before committing to thinking in a particular way it helps you understand people and situations on a deeper level before you decide to swim.

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