You tend to stand above others and you will get success easily.


You're always looking for your partner when it comes to relationships and you're one of those people who become dependent on common laws when it comes to relationships.


You are very friendly and can make money by doing anything but you need to make a better decision about choosing a romantic partner.


You often make decisions that you regret but you are a wise person with a very ambitious and charismatic character.


You are talented and often attract others and are the center of attention when you are around.


You are one of the most jealous people but very easily get influenced by kindness and postpone things till the last moment.


You are honest and focused on helping everyone and but you shouldn't let them take advantage of them as often.


You try to see the goodness in every person but the only drawback is that not everyone is as good as you think.


You analyze everything but due to your alert and prudent personality you are often depressed.


You have the potential to become a recognized leader but you become very aggressive when you argue with others.


You are active when it comes to your social life but you go through phases where you neglect everyone.


You are very sensitive and let your emotions dominate you and this can be a problem.

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