Scorpio is mysterious. Their assumption that others are like them makes them apprehensive. They prefer their own company until they know someone well.


This sign warms up slowly, blocking connections. They're not lonely. They like isolation. Capricorns may find a last-minute reason to skip a celebration.

Capricorns have limited time for socialising and relationship-building. These workaholics value success over family. A career can't bring affection or love.


Cancer is sad. They miss people and places even when pleased. Their mood swings annoy others. A melancholy and nostalgic moon controls them.


Virgos are perfectionists, so they cut 'imperfect matches.' Hypercriticism can isolate. Unpopular: critics. Virgos hinder connecting in milder conditions. They're too busy to appreciate a meeting.

The most sensitive zodiac sign because Neptune and Jupiter control them. Sensitivity can sometimes lead to isolation. They're alienated from reality and prefer fiction to facts.


This can make people lonely and focus on illusions, fantasies, and escapism. Pisces seeks connection, but must be trusted. If betrayed, they'd rather be alone.


Restless Aries may not seem lonely, but their adventurous drive might make them rivals. Because Aries is competitive, others don't trust them easily. Betrayed Aries won't trust again.

Aries sometimes seeks out vulnerable people who would explain their improper behaviour. For these reasons, this sign can struggle to locate an accepting friend group.

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