The Least Tactful Zodiac Signs

Assertive Sagittarians are honest, although they sometimes say cruel things. About over can be unpleasant, but it can also encourage shy people to speak out.


Independent Aries desire to lead in everything. Since they're always right, they don't mind appearing thoughtless. Aries prefers to dig holes than cope with the consequences.


Aries encourages them to get rid of the extras and simplify life because they don't care about superficialities. This is hard to do, but it's useful when time is short.

Scorpios, like their namesake, are passionate and venomous. They magnetise the harshest truths, which can be devastating if you're not prepared. It's not necessarily awful.


Everyone must support social justice advocates. Otherwise, they may assault to implicate you. Deliverance and clearing the route for the future excites Aquarians.


Most Capricorns aren't intentionally rude; they just don't know how to soften the blow of truth. A lack of politeness could offend signs that are particularly sensitive.


Their honest remarks may sting, but they're practical and direct. If you need tough-love advise, ask a Capricorn friend who won't hold back. Remember that this indication typically listens to you.

Virgos are honest and hypercritical earth signs. Unintentionally, they may disrespect you. Virgo energy evaluates and decides. Cheerleading through criticism can help others grow.


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