The Least Likely to Find Love among the Zodiac Signs

Others struggle to speak those three precious words. Proclaiming love too soon isn't love-bombing. Past relationships may have impacted their priorities. Maybe it's their personality.


Virgos are notoriously choosy and critical of their relationships. They also might be their own worst adversaries. Virgos are too focused on what's wrong to find love

And while they might not be the most outspoken about their admiration for others, they always display their love for others by acts of service or quality time.


Geminis are sociable. They often balance friends, side jobs, interests, and possibly partners. They love meeting new partners. Other obstacles exist.

 Geminis demand regular intellectual and verbal stimulation, making dating them tough. Geminis need to know that a long-term relationship won't get dull after a few years.


Scorpios, a fixed water sign, know how to flatter their date. If neglected, they may become possessive and envious. Scorpios take years to feel comfortable sharing their dark side with a spouse.


Once devoted, Sagittarius loves loudly. This fiery, adventurous sign has many lovers, not a soulmate. Sagittarius can love, but they have problems focusing their affection on one person.


Taurus is a sensual and romantic sign. As a fixed earth sign, Tauruses don't initiate romantic relationships. Tauruses often court their partners for a long time.


Getting a Pisces to love you is easy, but sustaining their attention and adoration takes effort. If a Pisces' heart has been broken too many times, they won't trust again.

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