The Largest Species Of Freshwater Fish

Indeed, there are freshwater fish that rival the size of their marine counterparts. Larger than their marine counterparts are some of the freshwater kind.

 Beluga Sturgeon

Beluga sturgeon is the world's largest freshwater fish. The largest bony fish Belugas are virtually extinct because of their caviar. Sturgeons dwell in fresh and salt water, but only spawn in freshwater.

Alligator Gar 

Southern Alligator Gar are enormous, mean-looking fish. These ancient fish haven't changed in millions of years. Their large, tooth-filled jaws and lengthy armoured bodies resemble alligators.


Magnificent, powerful fishes. Arapaima can breathe air when oxygen levels in the water drop too low, allowing them to flourish in circumstances that would kill other fish.

Giant Freshwater Stingray

These huge stingrays are native to Southeast Asia and Borneo, where they hide in murky waterways. Small fish and invertebrates are their main meal. The largest stingray's 15-inch spine can pierce bone.

Wels Catfish

Wels catfish are formidable predators despite their ominous appearance. There are many legends about Wels, the lake and river monster, in its native environment.

Piraiba Catfish

The Piraiba has a shark-like body and is an active and dangerous predator. This gigantic catfish is native to South America, where it's feared as a man-eater due to its speed and activity.

Electric eels 

Electric eels aren't eels. These huge fish aren't as weighty as others. The Amazon and Orinoco rivers are home. They use electricity to stun and kill prey and see in murky water.

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