The Korat: A Look at Its Background, Traits, and Upkeep


The Korat is a strong small-to-medium cat. Large, expressive green or amber eyes. Intelligent, loyal, gregarious, but demanding. 15-19-year lifespan

Features Unique to Korat

The Korat matures in 2 to 4 years. Not a huge adult cat, but muscular and robust. This cat's silvery-blue coat shimmers, and it thinks it's the head of its household.

Korats are affectionate and intelligent, but only if they get their way. They get along well with other pets, but may become territorial if they feel overlooked.

Korat History

Korats recently entered the US. 1959 brought Thailand Korats, Naras, and Darras. Korat has Thai lines. Today's Korats have the same breed standards as their ancestors.

Care for a Korat Cat

The intelligent, active Korat cat. Perceptive cats form close ties with their owners and like being involved. They hate being alone. Friendly, owner-loving cats. 

Korats, like all cats, need exercise. Unlike some cats, Korats prefer playing games with humans. Well-groomed Korats are healthy and clean. A Korat's single-layered short coat makes grooming easy.


Good diet will help your Korat live long and healthy. A excellent cat food developed exclusively for felines should supply all the nutrients your pet needs to flourish.


Korats have silvery blue fur without stripes, white markings, or other colours. Kittens may have tabby "ghost" markings. Blue-to-lavender nose and paw pads. Green or amber eyes are beautiful.

Disorders in Health

Before buying a Korat, check both parents' health records. Hereditary nervous system enzyme deficiency. Lethal sickness can be detected genetically. Check a Korat cat's health before breeding.

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