The Impression You Make on Your First Date


Fun-loving, spontaneous Passionate Aries. You're your best in life and dating. Being yourself doesn't work on first dates. You'll probably compete and tease. Playing, Aries. Instead, you're challenging your date.


You're realistic and romantic. Since you know what you like and aren't afraid to tell so, you date selectively. You like to get to know someone before meeting them and make sure you agree on essential points.


Geminis are social. regularly. Your charm, wit, and exuberance enchant everyone. Date anyone. Physical contact is less important than mental contact. Skip first date icebreakers and talk about fun personal things.


Cancers are sentimental and cherish first dates. You like candlelight dinners and park picnics. You should have a profound emotional connection with your date, so a long, uninterrupted talk is excellent.


Leos love proudly. You're passionate and exciting on first dates. Leo, you want to be charmed. You observe if your date doesn't compliment or ask enough questions because you want to be recognised and valued.


Virgos date selectively. Impressive date. The zodiac's perfectionist, you plan and decide. You let your potential suitor organise the first date to see how thoughtful they are, not because you think they can plan a better date.


Romantic Libra. You like casual dating for feelings. Slow love. You like attentive dates. You love talking to new people. You want a relationship where you feel equal to your Libra spouse, not a fancy first date.


On your first date, make an emotional connection to leave a lasting impression. You want intense relationships and can tell right away if you like someone. In case someone's story surprises you, you're always open.


You like casual first dates. We'll discuss significant topics afterwards. You enquire about your date's hobbies and friends. Your companion should match your wit and spontaneity. Choose your life mate slowly—love is the best journey.

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