The Ideal Cat for Your Astrological Sign

Aries wants an adventurous cat because it's a dynamic and demanding sign. Abyssinian is an old cat breed. Fearless Aby loves to explore. This climber surprises Aries.

Aries: Abyssinian

Taurus loves beauty and will be drawn to the Ragdoll. This breed, like Taurus, is kind and loving. The Ragdoll's sociability will win over the zodiac's bull.

Taurus: Ragdoll

Gemini likes Siamese. Like its owner, the Siamese can be noisy or silent. Siamese cats, like Gemini, love people, making them wonderful party pets.

Gemini: Siamese

Family-centric Cancer loves the gentle Maine Coon. This sweet-tempered cat gets along with everyone and desires family. Cancer's perceptive, protective character helps the Maine Coon.

Cancer: Maine Coon

Leo wants a regal cat. Queen Victoria and other royals liked Persian. This lap cat has high expectations and craves attention. Luckily, Leo treats the Persian like royalty.

Leo: Persian

Virgo hates uncertainty. This zodiac sign likes to know what's happening, where, when, and with whom. Sphynx and other hairless cats reduce furniture fur.

Virgo: Sphynx

Russian Blue is a wonderful match for Libra. Culture and creativity are vital to Libra, and it will enjoy the breed. Libra's alone time will be made sweeter by a devoted, gentle Russian Blue.

Libra: Russian Blue

Natural dominant-gene mutations alter the Scottish Fold's cartilage, causing its ears to fold forward. This gives it an owl look. This type is faithful like Scorpios.

Scorpio: Scottish Fold

Like the extroverted Sag, the uncommon Thai Khao Manee cat breed is fun-loving and curious. Sagittarius will love the Khao Manee's diamond-shaped, two-toned eyes.

Sagittarius: Khao Manee

Capricorn is the most patient zodiac sign, therefore it occasionally loses out on fun. The Devon Rex, a lively cat, might remind the goat to relax. This breed is perfect for a more serious owner.

Capricorn: Devon Rex

Aquarius is helpful, loyal, and loving. The "holy cat of Burma," the Birman, has similar traits. It's a curious, people-oriented, and quiet companion for the water bearer.

Aquarius: Birman

Pisces love the Ocicat's social appeal. It has a wild cat's coat and is named for its resemblance to the ocelot, but a domestic cat's personality.

Pisces: Ocicat

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