Chimpanzees are the smartest non-humans. They share 1.23% of our DNA and resemble us in many ways. They're gregarious, self-aware animals who can use tools, solve problems, and use sign language.


Ravens are smarter than chimps and dolphins, making them the smartest bird on the earth. They can solve difficult issues to gain food, play dead next to a carcass to trick other birds,


Recent studies suggest ravens and crows can remember human faces and retain grudges against those who damage or defraud them.

Dolphins share many of our human feelings, including sympathy, sadness, and happiness. The ability to think for oneself, solve problems, and employ tools demonstrates intelligence.


These animals have the world's largest brains. They're not the smartest, but they're smarter than chimpanzees and dolphins. Elephants excel at problem solving, communication, and memory.


Pigs are gregarious and identify other pigs. They treat stranger pigs like strangers. They may be manipulative to achieve what they want, which I find incredibly human-like.


In the wild, octopuses are highly private. We know most about their intelligence through captivity. They're secretive, intriguing, and potentially smarter than we believed.


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