Aquarius likes to break rules. These air signs are naturally gregarious and don't endeavour to entertain others. They're the silliest sign. They're serious, humorous, playful, and smart.


Geminis can't focus on one subject at a time, so their fragmented energy can be silly. These gregarious signs adore talking, but you never know what they'll say, which is fun.


Geminis, being air signs, don't stress out about the little things in life and instead just go with the flow. To lighten the mood, they enjoy a well-timed joke or two.

Leos don't care how they get in the spotlight. If they work hard, they can be great stand-up comics. When feeling helpless, this fire sign may have silly tantrums .


Virgos give off a serious and critical vibe because they genuinely care about the success of those around them. Stupidity often takes the form of cynicism or grim humour.


 People who are Mercury-ruled are outgoing and humorous. Virgos have a great sense of humour. Dolts inevitably mess up. They never fail and always put a smile on your face.

Libras are devoted to equality & optimism, so it's no surprise they may be foolish. This sign's humour isn't offensive. These air signs usually want to make others happy and behave funny doing so.


Aries goes their own way. Offbeat humour makes them enjoyable and unique. Aries like being silly, thus they're quirky.  They enjoy being the centrepiece and acting foolish.


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