The German Shepard's Personality and Requirements

Noble, hardworking, loyal, and brilliant. They have a brown-black coat and an athletic build. German shepherds are excellent herders and guide dogs.

German Shepherd

Lifespan: 9 to 13 yearsThey work well as police and military dogs and guard dogs. German shepherds make great pets in the appropriate homes.

German shepherds are loyal and loving. Strong workers, they're popular U.S. family dogs. They cherish family but are suspicious of strangers.

Dog breed Traits

German shepherds require care, training, and attention, yet they're loyal. Young pets are great for all types of households so they can be trained and adjusted.

Care for a German Shepherd

Dogs are untrained and aggressive. They need job-training. Smarts and work ethic aid learning. Socializing your GSD relaxes him around new people and animals.


German shepherds have coarse hair and thick undercoats. Brushing reduces their shedding. Dog hair on clothes and furniture requires frequent vacuuming.


This dog needs exercise. German shepherds are great runners. Let your dog play to lessen frustration and restlessness. Bored dogs bark, dig, and chew.


Size, exercise intensity, age, and other factors affect German shepherds' dry dog food needs. Prevent bloating and stomach torsion by avoiding huge meals. Stay hydrated.

Diet and Nutrition

Breeding to these norms reduces the likelihood of inherited health problems in German shepherds. Note the following: Hip/Elbow dysplasia

Common Health Issues

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