9 Easy-Going Dog Breeds


The Bulldog's stern appearance hides its kind and caring nature. Bulldogs are adorable and sociable, but their exuberant greetings can knock over the unwary.


The "Lassie dog" is a long- or short-coated historic sheep-herding breed. Collies are smart and sensitive dogs that receive training well. They're affectionate, loyal, and protective of kids.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are toy Bulldogs with bat ears. This short-coated, medium-sized pup is muscular. The Frenchie is social and joyful. Quiet and apartment-friendly

Golden Retriever

Due to her winning attitude, eagerness to please, and intellect, the Golden Retriever is a great hunting dog and family friend. Goldens are one of the most loyal

Great Dane

Great Danes are kind, trustworthy, and slow to learn, yet willing to please. Their short coats are brindle, fawn, blue, and harlequin


The Greyhound is a friendly, easy-going, sensitive dog despite her aristocratic pedigree and bearing. Greyhounds are wary around strangers and learn best slowly.

Irish Setter

This dog's lengthy coat is mahogany to chestnut red. An Irish Setter is clown-like for his love of play. He's an outgoing, joyful dog who matures slowly and is devoted to his owners.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers' intellect and willingness to please make them superb hunters, perfect friends, and successful search-and-rescue partners.


This 200-pound breed is huge. Despite her courage and intimidating look, the Bullmastiff is a calm, good-natured, gentle dog who exudes respect.

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