Shetland ponies are durable, small, and entertaining, so kids love them. This breed is small but powerful. Shetlands can be stubborn. Shetlands require adult supervision.

Shetland Pony

Kids can ride Welsh ponies of all sizes. From a small Welsh pony to a Welsh cob, a child could grow up riding. They're agile, strong, and smart. Western or English saddles are teachable.

Welsh Pony and Cob

The American pony was intended for young riders in North America. A Shetland stallion and an Arabian-Appaloosa mare produced a little colt with a striking coat pattern. It's strong and fast.

Pony of the Americas

Handling miniature horses is fun. They're too little for bigger kids. Children over 8 or 70 pounds can hurt these horses. Minis help smaller kids learn to ride and care for horses.

Miniature Horse

Due to its adaptability and calm demeanour, the American quarter horse is a popular family horse. For an older child, their average height is 5 feet. They're mild and responsive, even for novice riders.

American Quarter Horse

Appaloosas are another kid-friendly full-size breed. This breed is good for kids because they're calm. Friendly and loyal, they make good family pets. Beginner riders can maintain them.


Paint horses are large, American quarter horse-bred horses. They're gentle like quarter horses. They're also smart, social horses. They're reliable and well-balanced.

American Paint Horse

Beginners love Morgans as family horses. They are friendly and cooperative with their human family. Compared to other horse breeds, many children can handle their small size.


Over time, the British New Forest pony has mated with various breeds. This hybrid is sturdy, amiable, and docile. These ponies are trainable and willing. They can carry younger children.

New Forest Pony

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